China – Fish Farms and Navigation around Lanshan Port, Shandong Province

9 December 2013

Members calling at Lanshan Port in Shandong Province, China, will already be aware of the need for Masters to ensure that they are careful when navigating around the Port, in order to avoid contact with the many fish farms and potential claims arising as a consequence.

Members should note that the Correspondent, Huatai Insurance Agency and Consultant Service Limited, Qingdao, has recently issued a detailed circular on the expansion of and increasing density of fish farms and the problems that arise, including:-

  1. the expansion of unlicensed fish farms resulting in a risk of vessels unknowingly entering fish farms when navigating the area; and,

  2. an overlap between the boundaries of Lanshan Port (Shandong Province) and Lianyungang Port (Jiangsu Province), a potential source of regulatory uncertainty/confusion. 

The Correspondent has made several specific recommendations to assist Members to navigate safely in and around Lanshan Port. A copy of the Correspondent’s circular and the detailed recommendations made can be found by clicking here

The Club advises Masters to keep their vessels within the recommended navigational channel at all times. If it is necessary to deviate even slightly from within the navigational channel, Members should proceed with caution and keep a careful look out for small buoys that may indicate the location of potential unlicensed fish farms.

In the event that Members make contact with or navigate through a fish farm, they should immediately contact the Club for assistance.

For clarification in relation to the above, Members should approach their usual Club contact.