China – Tianjin Port Update following recent explosions

25 August 2015

Members calling at Tianjin Port in China should note that the Correspondent, Huatai Insurance Agency & Consultant Service Limited, Tianjin, has issued a recent Circular on the situation following the incident involving explosions at a warehouse in the port.

In short, the current situation at Tianjin Port is reported to be as follows:-

  1. Port operations in all terminals are normal, with Huisheng and Euroasia terminals (in closest proximity to the site of the explosion) being affected slightly by poor air quality;

  2. Dangerous cargo operations have been prohibited, but some operations for low-risk dangerous cargoes are being resumed;

  3. Air quality is being monitored. As the dust may affect cargo that is stored in the open, Members intending to load cargoes, particularly steel, should ensure that the surveyor carrying out a pre-loading survey notes the condition of the cargo carefully. Safety precautions to protect crew should also be considered.

A copy of the Correspondent’s Circular with further details can be accessed by clicking here.