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Register updated as at 21 April 2024

Employers' Liability Register

The London Steam-Ship Owners' Mutual Insurance Association Limited: FRN: 202229

The insurance policies written by a P&I Club may include an element of what is generally known as Employers’ Liability Insurance. Each P&I Club subject to regulation in the UK is therefore required to set up an Employers’ Liability Register, the aim of which is to help those seafarers who have suffered injury or illness in the workplace to identify their employer’s liability insurer. 

The Club’s Employers’ Liability Register includes all vessels insured by the Club commencing from 20 February 2011; and for prior policy years vessels in respect of which a personal injury or illness claim has been received before 20/2/11 but not settled as at that date.

To search the Register for a vessel on which you have served, please enter either the name of the vessel or its IMO number and click Search.

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Important Notes:

1. A listing on the register does not constitute an admission of liability on behalf of the Club but merely indicates that the Vessel was insured with the Club for the period indicated. Insurance cover is provided subject to the Rules of the Club and the Certificate of Entry issued in relation to the Member’s entered ship. If you believe you have a potential claim you should contact the Claims department: [email protected].

2. Vessels listed in respect of cover periods prior to 20 February 2011 have only been identified following receipt, after 20 February 2011, of a claim for personal injury or illness in the relevant policy year. For periods of service on board a Vessel prior to 20 February 2011 the records may therefore be incomplete. A full tracing service for historical records is provided via the following email address: [email protected]Please include with your enquiry the:

  • Name of the vessel on which the seafarer served and IMO number (if available)
  • Period worked on board the vessel
  • Type of injury or illness/disease suffered 

3. For wider searches of the international merchant shipping fleet you can (following registration) freely access the EU's ship database Equasis which maintains insurance records in respect of all the International Group P&I Clubs and is updated monthly.

For all other queries regarding this Register, please contact the Managers' Compliance Director, Anthony Jones (Tel: +44 20 7772 8000 or by email: [email protected]).