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War Risks and Kidnap & Ransom (K&R) cover

War Risks - cover & due diligence

We are a member of the Combined Group of War Risks Clubs, covering and pooling War Risks liabilities.

Our War Risks insurance essentially provides cover for:

  • physical loss and damage to ships caused by war risks;
  • detention or diversion expenses;
  • third party P&I liabilities usually excluded by P&I;
  • loss of hire arising out of war and contraband risks.

The London P&I Club strongly recommends that all members conduct threat and risk assessments when preparing for voyages into areas presenting increased security risk. In conducting such assessments members should be assisted by the comprehensive guidance and information available from Maritime Global Security, the international shipping industry’s consolidated website for managing all types of maritime risk. ( The website includes general guidance on countering piracy as well as up-to-date region specific recommended measures (including in particular the Gulf of Aden/Somali Basin and Gulf of Guinea).

We also strongly recommend that members comply with the provisions of the relevant sanctions regimes in order to minimise the risk of their cover being prejudiced or being unable to make a recovery. Compliance will inevitably involve the exercise of due diligence by the member in relation to any trading involving countries targeted by US, EU and other relevant national sanctions or with certain designated individuals or companies impacted by such sanctions . Further information can be found on the Knowledge/Sanctions section or click here.

War Risks - insurance documents

The War Risks Rules for 2024/25 can be downloaded here.

The War Risks Rules for 2023/24 can be downloaded here.

Circulars issued to members of the War Risks Class can be accessed here.

Benefits of our War Risks Cover – an introduction of our approach to War Risks insurance can be downloaded here


Kidnap & Ransom (K&R) - cover & insurance documents

Our K&R insurance essentially provides cover for:

  • the ransom cost and other expenses incurred by the assured following a kidnap of person on board of an insured ship,
  • the assured’s liability for injury/death of persons on board as a result of a kidnap
  • the loss of income if an insured ship is also seized during the kidnap (against an additional premium)

An introduction to and summary of the advantages of our K&R cover can be downloaded here. A Chinese translation can be downloaded here.

The current Terms & Conditions of our K&R cover can be downloaded here.

Kidnap & Ransom (K&R) - Additional Premium Areas

Information on current Additional Premium Areas for K&R cover can be downloaded here.

Application Forms

Our War Risks and K&R cover application forms are available here.

For further information about our War Risks and Kidnap & Ransom covers please contact our underwriting team at: [email protected]