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Charterers' Cover

We also provide a flexible package of covers for charterers and traders, subject to a combined single limit (CSL) and on a fixed premium basis. The main components of our cover include:

  • Charterers' P&I
  • Charterers' Liability to Hull 
  • Charterers' P&I - War Risks
  • Charterers' Liability as Cargo Owner

We can also arrange cover against a range of other risks where required. Examples include loss or damage to Charterers' bunkers; or covers to meet exposures under contracts with onerous conditions, falling outside normal cover.

The terms and conditions of cover which will apply from 20 February 2024 can be downloaded here. A summary of the changes introduced in these terms and conditions can be downloaded here.

The  Terms  & Conditions which apply to covers agreed between 20 February 2023 and 20 February 2024 is set out here.

A summary of the key features of our Charterers' CSL cover can be seen here.

A summary of our cover in Vietnamese can be seen here.

Our Charterers' CSL Cover proposal form can be downloaded here.

Charterers insured under our CSL facility may also apply for cover under our additional Loss of Use Cover.  A summary of this Cover is set out in the Product Overview which can be accessed here.

For further information about these or our Charterers CSL cover, please contact our underwriting team at: [email protected]