Ukraine – Port Situation and Sanctions

7 March 2014

Port Situation

As Members will be aware, following the movement of Russian troops into Ukraine and into the Crimean region, there have been political demonstrations and violence in some limited areas.

Most ports in Ukraine are reported to be functioning as normal but the local correspondent recommends that foreign crew members keep away from areas where any demonstrations are taking place, with the exception of the small port of Kherson where crew should refrain from coming ashore. The update from Dias Maine Consulting, Odessa, on this dated 4 March can be accessed here.

Members whose vessels are due to load cargoes from Kerch and Theodosia, Crimea, however, should be aware that customs/local authorities may deny Ukrainian cargoes customs clearance and may prevent and/or cause delays to loading. The latest report from Dias Maine Consulting, Odessa, dated 7 March can be accessed here.


In response to the situation in Ukraine, the EU and the US have now introduced limited sanctions as follows:

  1. The EU has issued Decision 2014/119/CFSP and  Council Regulation No. 208/2014 which relate to the freezing of funds and economic resources of designated persons identified as responsible for misappropriation of Ukrainian state funds and violence.

  2. In the US, the President has signed a new Executive Order imposing sanctions against any individual or entity responsible for or complicit in actions that undermine the democratic process or threaten the peace, security and stability of Ukraine.

As with other activities that potentially involve sanctions, Members will need to exercise due diligence when dealing with any Ukrainian persons/entities.