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Examples of bribes or facilitation payments

Bribery & Corruption Prevention

Examples of bribes or facilitation payments

Examples of bribes or facilitation payments with public functions are included in the table below as these may be disguised as ‘miscellaneous expenses’ or more imaginary descriptors within a claim invoice.

Public Function

Service or actions to which the bribe payer is entitled

Improper actions by the official or employee


Inspection, release of goods, temporary import permits, classification of a product.

Exemption from inspections, falsification of documentation for contents and weight, overlooking improperly prepared or incomplete paperwork.


Vessel clearance, loading and unloading cargo, canal transits.

Approval of incomplete documentation.

Improper allocation of priority clearance and delivery, misclassifying contents.

Threat of unnecessary delay or other undesirable outcome.


Service fees are permitted by a government, per diems and cash payments paid direct to officials for carrying out activities or expenses incurred for the Vessel such as inspections associated with contract performance or onward transit of goods.

Services outside the official’s or employee’s permitted or assigned work.

Government: National, federal, local

Granting of permits, licenses, certification, health and safety, fire regulation, inspections.

Overlooking abuse of regulations e.g. dumping unauthorised waste


Protection and security services, waiving fines.

Concocted offences, harassment, and improper issue of security documents.

Interior Ministry

Border control, visas, residency and work permits, medical certification.

Overlooking incomplete or improper documentation.


Access to or speeding up of court processes and documentation.

Abuse of judicial process e.g. losing documents, illegal access to records.

Revenue and Customs

Release of tax or VAT refunds, approval of returns, books and documents.

Overlooking errors or offences.