2020 ‘Global Sulphur Cap’ – updated ICS Guidance on Compliance

1 July 2019

Following on from the Club’s previous News Alerts concerning the 2020 ‘Global Sulphur Cap’ (click here), ship owner/operator Members who have chosen to achieve compliance with MARPOL Annex VI by using low sulphur compliant fuel oil should note that the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) Guidance originally issued in September 2018 has been updated.

The latest ICS Guidance to Shipping Companies and Crews on Preparing for Compliance with the 2020 ‘Global Sulphur Cap’ (updated 1 July 2019) is available here and takes into account recent decisions of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) Marine Environment Protection Committee and IMO Marine Safety Committee meetings.

Ship owner/operator Members should take note of the ICS Guidance, and take steps to prepare ship specific implementation plans and other measures necessary in advance of the 1 January 2020 deadline.