China - Covid-19 Epidemic Prevention & Control Measures

15 June 2021

Members and Assureds who have vessels calling at ports in China should note that the Club Correspondents have recently reported on updated local epidemic prevention and control measures in response to the Delta variant of Covid-19 that was first detected in India.

The Circular from Oasis P&I Services Company Limited dated 4 June 2021 reports on recent case scenarios and outcomes at different ports, and makes recommendations to minimise the risks of Covid-19 cases and delays. To access a copy, click here.

The Circular from Huatai Insurance Agency & Consultant Service Limited dated 28 May 2021 summarises the latest reported measures in place at different ports, click here.

As the measures continue to change in response to the Covid-19 epidemic, Members and Assureds should take note of the above and obtain updated information from agents/correspondents as appropriate.