China – Rizhao/Lanshan and Dalian – Caution on Approach due to Fish Farms & Nets

23 October 2023

Members and Assureds whose vessels are bound for ports of Rizhao/Lanshan and Dalian in China should note recent changes in the distribution of major fish farms affecting the approach to these areas.

Rizhao/Lanshan Port
The Shandong Maritime Safety Administration’s recently issued Navigation Notice recommends a route that overlaps with navigation obstructions (fishing nets), which should be avoided during sailing. It is advisable that Members and Assureds take note of these locations when voyage planning and adjust their routes as necessary, as well as ensuring increased lookout when navigating in these areas.

Dalian Port
The scope of existing fish farms has expanded to areas close to the eastern boundary of the tanker and cargo ship anchorage, so a correspondent in China, Huatai Insurance Agency & Consultant Service Ltd, suggests various precautions in their circular.

Details of the route adjustments, suggestions on safety of navigation, and illustrative maps of the areas are contained in their circular which can be accessed here. The circular is also available in Chinese here.

Members and Assureds should familiarise themselves with the routes and fish farm activity prior to proceeding to these ports, and in the event of contact with or navigation through a fish farm, should immediately contact the Club for assistance.