China - Shanghai MSA Inspection Campaign

23 April 2021

Following a tragic collision between two vessels reported to have been caused by a vessel having lost control due to a malfunction, the Shanghai MSA is currently conducting a Concentrated Inspection Campaign (CIC) until 15 June 2021 focusing on propulsion and auxiliary machinery.

One of the Club’s correspondents in China, Huatai Insurance Agency & Consultant Service Ltd, has issued a Circular setting out details of the CIC, which can be accessed here. The Circular includes the Shanghai MSA Notice and a Report issued by MSA (at Appendix 2) that sets out a non-exhaustive list of the items that may be considered by the CIC. Huatai reports that, in their experience, where there is an incident involving a failure of propulsion and auxiliary machinery failure, a vessel will be detained, including a lengthy COVID19 quarantine depending on the date and location of the vessel’s last port of call.
Members transiting through Shanghai MSA waters are advised to ensure that engines, auxiliary engines, steering gear and emergency generators are in good operational order, particularly before departure from berth and entry into high density traffic areas.