China / Taiwan – Navigation Restricted in Warning Zones due to Naval Exercises 4-7 August 2022

4 August 2022

Vessels navigating in waters around Taiwan and/or calling at the ports of Keelung, Suao, Taipei, Kaohsiung, Anping, Hoping and Hualien, should be aware of PRC naval exercises taking place from noon on 4 August until noon on 7 August 2022.

All vessels should take alternative routes to avoid the warning zone areas as set out in Notices 256-259 to Mariners from the Maritime and Port Bureau, of the Taiwan Ministry of Transportation and Communications and navigate with vigilance. For ease of reference, as of today the warning zone areas are:

East of Taiwan:
a. N22-56/E122-40
b. N23-38/E122-51
c. N23-38/E123-23
d. N22-56/E123-09

North Zone 1:
a. N25-15-26/E120-29-20
b. N24-50-30/E120-05-45
c. N25-04-32/E119-51-22
d. N25-28-12/E120-14-30

North Zone 2:
a. N26-07/E121-57
b. N25-30/E121-57
c. N25-30/E121-28
d. N26-07/E121-28

North Zone 3:
a. N25-34/E122-50
b. N23-03/E122-50
c. N25-03/E122-11
d. N25-34/E122-11

South Zone 1:
a. N21-14/E121-33
b. N21-33/E121-18
c. N21-07/E120-43
d. N20-48/E120-59

South Zone 2:
a. N22-43/E119-14
b. N22-10/E119-06
c. N21-33/E120-29
d. N22-09/E120-32

An illustrative map of the warning zones is available here.
Copies of the Notices are available here in English and here in Chinese.