China – Yantai to Weihai/Chengshantou Routes Adjusted for Fish Farms

9 November 2022

Members whose vessels navigate in China between Yantai and Weihai, and Chengshantou and Yantai, should note that the MSA has issued notices on a route adjustment due to the presence of fish farms. Details of the new route and virtual navigation aids are contained in the Circular from a correspondent, Oasis P&I Services Company Limited, which can be accessed here.

The correspondent suggests that:

1. Vessels that call Yantai port are reminded to navigate in the new route.
2. Crew members are reminded to pay attention to the fish farms at the edge of the new route and avoid deviation therefrom.
3. Crew members are suggested to maintain proper lookouts, keep nav-aids in good working condition and comply with the COLREG 1972 at all times.
4. While the vessel navigates, pay attention to the water depth to avoid grounding.

Members should seek the latest information on routes and fish farm activity from their local port agents when visiting Chinese Ports, and in the event that Members make contact with or navigate through a fish farm, they should immediately contact the Club for assistance.