China – Zika Virus – 2nd Update on Mosquito Eradication Certificates

13 September 2016

Members will already be aware of the Zika prevention measures required by the Chinese Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau (CIQ).  These measures include the provision of a Mosquito Eradication Certificate (MEC) in circumstances where the vessel’s last port of call was in a Zika affected area.  For Members’ guidance, the areas initially identified as “Affected Areas” were outlined in the Club’s News Alert of 16 March 2016 (click here) and clarification provided by the Chinese authorities regarding controls, enforced locally by CIQ, were also outlined in our News Alert of 18 March 2016 (click here).

We have recently received a further update from the Correspondent, Huatai Insurance Agency & Consultant Service Limited, advising that Singapore has been added to the list of Affected Areas. Notably, an MEC will be required if personnel are either embarked/disembarked from the ship or if cargo operations are performed.  However, there is no requirement for an MEC the vessel is only stopping for bunkers unless personnel are transferred between barge and ship.  Vessel operators may wish to take this development into consideration when arranging bunkering operations or  change of crew.

As CIQ requirements may vary from port to port and there is no prescribed wording for the MEC certificate, the Correspondent recommends that Owners consult their local agents once the Chinese port of call is known to verify the specific requirements of that particular port. The correspondents also suggest an appropriate wording to be included in any MEC to assist with a possible inspection in China.

A copy of the Correspondent’s Circular with further details can be accessed by clicking here