China – Zika Virus - Mosquito Eradication Certificates

16 March 2016

Members calling at ports in China should note that the Correspondent, Huatai Insurance Agency and Consultant Service Limited, has recently issued a Circular on the measures for the Prevention and Control of the Zika Virus into China.

The Zika prevention measures are being implemented by the Chinese Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau (CIQ) since 2 March 2016 and include the following requirements:-

  • For persons who have been in Zika affected areas and are suffering from fever, headache, muscle and joint pain or rash, to declare this to the CIQ before entering/leaving China;
  • For vessels that have called at Zika affected areas to have taken measures to eradicate mosquitoes/mosquito eggs and ideally to hold a Mosquito Eradication Certificate issued by the authorities of the affected countries.  

The approach of local CIQs to the latter may differ: the Correspondent reports that the Mosquito Eradication Certificate should be presented during port entry formalities at Dalian, Xiamen, Guangzhou and Fuzhou etc, otherwise the local CIQ will require (and supervise) measures to eradicate mosquitoes on board. Whilst at other ports, eg. Tianjin, the Mosquito Eradication Certificate may not be required by the local CIQ, but vessels may be subject to inspection/investigation by local CIQ officers for mosquitoes and/or mosquito eggs on-board. As such, it may be expedient to obtain a Mosquito Eradication Certificate in any event to minimise potential delays.

Further details of the above requirements, including the current list of Zika virus “Affected Areas”, can be found in the Correspondent’s Circular, which can be accessed by clicking here.