Chinese Pollution Regulations - Recommended Pollution Response Contract

11 January 2012

Members will be aware that the Club issued a Circular on 7 December, setting out what was at that time the latest information in relation to the Chinese Pollution Regulations. Members should note that the second annex of the 7 December Circular referred Members to a Pollution Response Contract as recommended by the International Group. Whilst the Chinese text is correct, a discrepancy has been found in Article 3.3 of the English contract wording. The last sentence should read:

“This interim payment shall be remitted to the account appointed by Party B within 30 working days after Party B issues the invoice to PARTY A and such interim payment should be deducted from the final invoice.”

Currently the text as highlighted above (in bold, underlining and capitals) refers to Party B. A corrected Pollution Response Contract document can be found by clicking here.