Chinese Pollution Regulations - Updated FAQs and Lists of SPROs, Consortia & MSA Approved Agents

28 March 2012

Members will be aware of previous Circulars and News Alerts concerning the recent Regulations introduced in China in respect of prevention and control of marine pollution from ships, including FAQs and lists of Consortia and SPROs (translated into English) produced by the Pollution Sub-Committee of the International Group (the IG). The IG has continued to liaise with the China MSA, various ship pollution response organisations (SPROs), shipowners and other interested parties. It has now produced updated FAQs (see attached) in order to incorporate recent developments and to assist Members in complying with the Regulations.

The IG has also produced translations of the latest lists of SPROs(click here), Consortia (click here) and MSA Approved Agents (click here).