Chinese Pollution Regulations – Updated Lists of SPROs, Agents and Consortia

9 November 2012

Members will be aware from the International Group FAQs on Chinese Pollution Regulations that Owners will need to contract with a Ship Pollution Response Organisation (SPRO) for their pollution response in a particular port in China. Members will also recall that SPROs based in a particular port may form an alliance with SPROs in other ports to create a consortia that will assist Members in the various different ports that the consortia covers. When contracting with SPROs and/or Consortia, there are various companies that offer the service of agent for these purposes. Please see the latest International Group FAQs (click here) for further details on SPROs, Consortia and Agents.

The latest translated list of SPROs, Consortia and Agents as of 30 October 2012 (attached this Alert), includes all recent updates, which are as follows:-


1. There are two new Level one SPROs located in Yantai - Yantai Huahai Ocean Environmental Protection Co Ltd and Yantai Hongkun Environmental Protection Engineering Co Ltd - which are highlighted in green in the list.

2. Shanghai Ronghua Shipping Service Co Ltd is also highlighted in yellow as it has been approved and elevated to a Level three SPRO from Level four.

3. Two Level three SPROs have been added, Shanghai Anhao Shipping Service Co Ltd and Shanghai Tenghua Shipping Service Co Ltd which are highlighted in yellow.

B. Agents

1. A new agent, Hebei Haichang Ship Technical Service Co. Ltd, has been approved and is highlighted in yellow. 

C. Consortia 

1. Three consortia, Lixin Oil Spill Emergency Response Chain Consortia, Greensea Shunshijie Pollution Response Service Consortia and Chinese Ship Pollution Response Consortia, have also been added to the list of consortia and are highlighted in yellow.

2. There has been a change in the OSRO for the Longshan Marine Pollution Consortia (the first in the consortia spreadsheet) to Guangdong Longshan. The previous OSRO, Guangzhou Longshan, is now an ordinary SPRO in the consortia. This is highlighted in green.

3. The additional SPROs to the Liwanjia Marine Oil Spill Protection and Emergency Treatment and the Hisincere Panocean Ship Pollution Response Service Consortia are highlighted in yellow.