Egypt – Caution advised at Suez Canal

16 January 2015

The International Chamber of Shipping (ICS), in the final paragraph of a Circular issued yesterday, has alerted shipowners to an increased risk of attack in the approaches to, and in, the Suez Canal.  The Circular states as follows:-

“The recent hijacking of an Egyptian warship indicates a capability on the part of militants in the Sinai Peninsula to operate in the maritime environment and to attack maritime targets, and along with the rocket attack against the Cosco Asia in 2013 indications are that a threat may exist to commercial shipping in the area.  As such, the general advice must be to exercise increased caution and maintain vigilance particularly when ships are waiting in the approaches to the Canal.”

To access a copy of the Circular, please click here. In the circumstances, it is recommended that Members follow the ICS advice if trading via the Suez Canal.