Exploding Reefer Containers

7 November 2011

The Club has been advised of a number of recent explosions involving reefer containers, three of which have resulted in fatalities (for a full news report click here). None of the explosions have so far occurred aboard vessels. Although the exact cause of the explosions is yet to be determined, it is understood that the explosions all followed servicing or maintenance in Vietnam during 2011.Whilst the precise cause has not yet been identified, there has been speculation that a contaminated refrigerant gas may have been supplied.

In light of the potential safety threat that these reefer containers pose, Members whose containers may be at risk are advised to exercise caution when handling these containers and to have them checked and, if necessary, quarantined at the earliest opportunity. It is also advised that Members should refrain from carrying out work on any reefer containers until they obtain service records verifying that the reefer container did not have any servicing/maintenance in Vietnam during 2011.