Grain Board of Iraq - Recommended Reservation for Cargo Documentation

26 September 2013

Members will already be aware of recent regulations by the Grain Board of Iraq (“GBI”) that require outturn documents to be signed without reservation, as reported in the Club’s News Alert of 18 March 2013 (click here).

The International Group of P&I Clubs (“IG”) is engaged in discussions to persuade the GBI to allow the Master or ship’s agent to sign documents that record the condition or quantity of cargo on a “without prejudice” and “for receipt only” basis. Whilst the dialogue is on-going, there has been no change of policy by the GBI as yet. 

In the circumstances, Members are reminded that:

  1. When contracting for a voyage to Iraq, to consider the allocation of risk for unsubstantiated short landing claims;
  2. Prior to calling at Iraq, warn the crew not to counter-sign documents which rely upon shore figures unless qualified by the words “without prejudice” and “for receipt only”.

Correspondents have been advised by the IG not to counter-sign shore documents identifying a short landing, unless it is only as witness to the signature of the Master or other crew where they have signed with suitable qualifying remarks such as “without prejudice” and “for receipt only”.

Members encountering difficulties and/or potential delay when using the qualifying words “without prejudice” and “for receipt only” on cargo documentation should approach their usual Club contact for assistance.

In the meantime, the Club will update Members should any progress be made in the IG discussions with the GBI.