Increased detection of Asian Gypsy Moth on Vessels visiting US & Canada

9 August 2012

Members will be aware of the need for ongoing vigilance with regard to the Asian Gypsy Moth. This is a serious pest of coniferous and deciduous trees which is to be found predominantly in eastern Russia, northern China, Korea and some parts of northern Japan in respect of which the US and Canadian authorities have introduced detailed prevention regulations (for our previous News Alert on this issue, containing links to detailed information provided by the US and Canadian authorities, please click here).

The Club has recently been informed of increased detection of the Asian Gypsy Moth in the US and Canada on board visiting ships. In this regard, the US and Canadian authorities have produced a joint notice to shipping warning of the problem. It also includes the precautions that ship operators should take when trading to ports in China, Korea, Japan and far east Russia, and prior to vessel arrival in North America, in order avoid problems with the US/Canadian authorities, including potential no-entry or quarantine until requisite inspections and fumigation (as warranted) are completed. To read the notice in full, please click here.