Maritime Security - Guidance on Non-Piracy Risks in the Southern Red Sea

16 February 2018

The International Chamber of Shipping, BIMCO and INTERTANKO have jointly published a document entitled “Interim Guidance Note on Maritime Security in the Southern Red Sea and Bab al-Mandeb” (the “Guidance Note”). The Guidance Note has been published in response to maritime threats arising from the conflict in Yemen beyond those posed by piracy in the region, including missiles, sea mines and water-borne improvised explosive devices. While merchant ships are not presently thought to be a target for the various factions engaged in the conflict, there is a risk of vessels being mistaken for military craft or finding themselves in close proximity to such non-piracy risks.

The Guidance Note is intended to complement the existing Best Management Practices for Protection against Somali Based Piracy (BMP4) and so assist Company Security Officers and Masters to conduct effective risk assessments prior to transiting the area. Emphasis is given to obtaining up to date information on activity in the region prior to preparing a pre-voyage risk assessment, in addition to reducing the opportunity for mistaken identity by making use of the Maritime Security Transit Corridor and reporting to the UKMTO and MSCHOA. 

A copy of the Guidance Note can be accessed by clicking here.