MARLO Bahrain recommendations on use of Maritime Security Patrol Area in Gulf of Aden

30 September 2008

In response to the increased frequency of pirate attacks on merchant shipping, the Coalition Task Force 150 (CTF 150) has established recently a Maritime Security Patrol Area (MSPA) through the Gulf of Aden.
The MSPA is a corridor delineated by the following pairs of waypoints:

12 15N 0 45E and 12 35N 0 45E

13 35N 0 49E and 13 40N 0 49E

14 10N 0 50E and 14 15N 0 50E

14 35N 0 53E and 14 45N 0 53E

The US Navy Maritime Liaison Office (MARLO) in Bahrain has recommended that ships intending to transit the Gulf of Aden should report to MARLO Bahrain:

1) At least 48 hours prior to entering the MSPA

2) On entering the MSPA

3) On leaving the MSPA

Details of the recommended reporting points, the preferred reporting format and the contact details for MARLO Bahrain are set out in the attached Advisory from the US Department of Transportations Maritime Administration.

Also attached is a map produced by the Chamber of Shipping in London which shows the MSPA.

Further information on CTF 150 can be accessed by clicking here.