Nickel Ore and Other Bulk Cargoes – Risks of Liquefaction

8 September 2020

With a number of typhoons forecast to affect shipping in the East China sea, the monsoon season in India starting in October, and a recent instance of cargo liquefaction occurring on a bulk carrier which had loaded a cargo of nickel ore at Surigao, Philippines, Members are reminded to be aware of the risks associated with the bulk carriage of cargoes such as iron ore fines, coal, manganese ore fines and nickel ore, as incidents involving liquefaction continue to occur, sometimes with catastrophic and tragic results.

The London P&I Club’s publication ‘Reducing the Risk of Liquefaction’ provides general guidance and practical advice to masters, ship owners, shippers and charterers on the loading and carriage of bulk cargoes which may liquefy, the risks associated with liquefaction, and the precautions which should be taken to minimise those risks, both before acceptance of the cargo and during carriage. An electronic copy of the guide can be accessed by clicking here.

For carriage of Nickel Ore cargoes from Philippines or Indonesia, the Club’s Circular containing detailed information on the Safe Carriage of Nickel Ore Cargoes is available here. In addition, Members must notify the Managers at the earliest opportunity and comply with the Mandatory Notification Requirements, otherwise they risk prejudicing Club cover. The Club’s Circular with details of the Mandatory Notification Requirements is available here.