Reminder: USCG enforce requirements for Nontank Vessel Response Plans

19 August 2008

As has been widely reported, from 22 August 2008 the USCG will begin screening all nontank vessels prior to their arrival in a US port for the submission of Nontank Vessel Response Plans (NTVRPs). These are detailed written plans for responding to a worst case spill or the substantial threat of such a spill from a ship other than a tanker that carries oil as fuel.

If a properly prepared NTVRP has not been submitted and approved by the USCG then the local Captain of the Port will have authority to issue "operational controls", which may extend to denial of port entry pending approval of a NTVRP.

The attached Club Circular "Oil Pollution: United States - New Legislation for Dry Cargo Ships" dated 18 April 2005 sets out the legislative changes that introduced the need for NTVRPs and contains guidance on the content and submission of the NTVRPs.

Further guidance can be obtained via [email protected]