Restricted access of P&I surveyors in Yuzhny, Ukraine

17 June 2013

Members' attention is drawn to recent adverse developments concerning the port of Yuzhny, Ukraine.

While it has in the past been possible for Members to appoint surveyors to assist their Masters, it has been brought to the International Group of P&I Clubs’ attention that there are recent examples of surveyors appointed on behalf of vessel interests being denied access to the port, particularly when iron ore concentrate (a cargo that is liable to liquefy) is to be loaded.

This development is of particular concern as there are reports that cargoes of iron ore concentrate recently presented for loading at this port have been rejected because they exhibited moisture content in excess of the Transportable Moisture Limit (TML), as defined in the IMSBC Code.

Clarification has been sought from the Port Authority which advises that while the system of issuing yearly passes to surveyors has been withdrawn, surveyors will still be allowed access to the port but will need to apply for permission to do so on an individual basis for each vessel they wish to attend. Applications will need to be filed with the Port Authority 3-4 days in advance of each survey and the Port Authority will only process applications on working days. Thereafter the Port Authority will need an additional 1-2 days to issue a pass. It remains unclear whether surveyors will be granted access on an expedited basis in the event of an emergency/incident.  

The International Group of P&I Clubs is at present reaching out to the relevant authorities in the Ukraine in an effort to resolve this reported problem of access but in the meantime, in circumstances where there may be concerns as to the safety of any cargo presented for loading at this port, Members are recommended to contact the Managers for assistance at the earliest opportunity so as to allow sufficient time to arrange for the attendance of local surveyors.

Members may like to take the above into account when considering fixtures that involve the port of Yuzhny, particularly if they involve loading of cargoes that are liable to liquefy (IMSBC Group A).