Risks Arising in Passage Planning Offshore India

10 July 2012

Members will recall our News Alert of 19 August 2011 (click here), which identified the almost certain need to enter the AdditionalPremiumArea for War Risks in the Indian Ocean (the AP Area) when transiting the Indian Ocean rather than attempt to maintain a route within 12nm of the Indian Coastline to avoid it.  This is due to added navigational difficulties, particularly for deeply drafted vessels. One of the hazards identified was increased proximity to local fishing boats.

Earlier this year the Indian Ministry of Shipping issued a Notice (see attached) that provides more details on the difficulties that can arise from the increased density of traffic close to their shoreline, particularly for vessels passing within 50nm of the coast. This is primarily because there is agreater number of fishing vessels within that distance from the coast, thus increasing not only the risk of collision but also the risk that, in trying to prevent merchant vessels running through their nets by approaching them, fishermen are mistaken for pirates.   

Members should therefore give careful consideration to the Indian Ministry of Shipping Notice, along with all the other factors, including the risk of piracy, when planning a route through the Indian Ocean.