Senegal - Fines at Dakar

20 January 2021

Members whose vessels call at Dakar, Senegal, should note that there are reports of exorbitant fines being imposed for a wide range of issues that are also causing lengthy delays to vessels.

These include:-

Fines by immigration authorities relating to anomalies in crew change/travel documents, including where the incorrect ship’s stamp is used on the seaman’s book;

Customs fines for
  • cargo shortages/excess/alleged discrepancies whether for bagged or bulk or liquid cargoes; and,
  • alleged discrepancies in declarations of any property on board the ship, including in-transit cargo, ship’s stores, fuel and lubricating oils, and more recently firefighting and safety equipment such as CO2 and foam.
Whilst fines can be negotiated downwards by the local correspondents, this takes time and the vessel is detained/arrested/delayed with associated costs. Budd Group, a correspondent with offices in Africa, has issued an update on the situation that includes useful precautions to be taken to avoid such fines. Their update is available by clicking here.