Sudan Sanctions – US amends General Licence

27 February 2015

Members will be aware of the ongoing US and EU sanctions against Sudan. Members should therefore note that on 18 February 2015, the US Authorities/Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) issued an amended general licence allowing the exportation and provision to Sudan of certain hardware, software and services incidental to personal communications.  As a consequence, Members may see exports of hardware such as smartphones, satellite phones, residential consumer satellite terminal and receiver equipment, laptop computers, and other electronic equipment being shipped to Sudan, probably in containers.  A copy of the licence can be accessed here.

Members are reminded that, despite this particular limited relaxation of sanctions against Sudan by the US, there are still both US and EU sanctions in place against Sudan. 

The EU sanctions focus mainly on a trade embargo on arms and related material (ie. military ammunition, weapons and goods) and a few targeted individuals (click here for the current EU sanctions).

However, the US maintains much broader trade and financial sanctions on Sudanese goods, persons and entities including wide prohibitions on the assistance/facilitation that can be given by a US person/entity. OFAC’s overview of the US Regulations with regard to Sudan sanctions can be accessed by clicking here.