Suez Canal: Random Inspections

24 July 2013

As Members will be aware, following the Egyptian military’s overthrow of President Mohamed Morsi in early July 2013, tensions have been running high and there are regular reports of civil unrest in various parts of Egypt.

It is understood generally that the military has been careful to protect the Suez Canal from being affected by any tensions or unrest in cities along the Canal to try to protect economic interests and ensure the safety of navigation in the Canal. To this end, the International Group has been informed that certain measures have been put in place to allow the navy to carry out random inspections of vessels calling at Port Said for the purpose of transiting the Canal. The aims of the inspections are reportedly to ensure that no weapons or illegal cargo passes through the Suez Canal to try to ensure safety of the Canal generally and ships during transit.

Members scheduled to call at Port Said and due to transit the Suez Canal should be aware and prepared for random inspections of the vessel, papers and documents by the Egyptian navy/Suez Canal Inspection Committee. We understand that delays and significant fines may be imposed on vessels/masters that refuse to cooperate.

For further assistance and/or clarification, Members should approach their usual Club contact.