Turkey – Environmental Pollution Fines Update

17 January 2024

The level of pollution fines in Turkey has been amended with effect from 1 January 2024 with a 58% increase in the levels of fines from previous levels. Significant fines can be incurred for any discharge of dirty ballast, petroleum, petroleum derivatives (including sludge, slop fuel products, oily waste), garbage and sewage into Turkish waters, as well as for sulphur content of bunker fuels. The fines are calculated based on the type of pollution, and the type and tonnage of the vessel from which the pollutant emanates, rather than quantity of pollution discharged.

For more details, see the circular from a correspondent, Kalimbassieries Maritime AS, click here and the newsletter from lawyers, Esenyel Partners, with recommendations including avoiding de-ballasting unless water is confirmed to be clean, ensuring overboard discharge vales are closed, avoiding deck washing, disposal of cargo  residues, garbage and other substances – click here.

Members and Assureds proceeding in Turkish waters should ensure they follow the recommendations to avoid a fine. In the event of being served with a fine Members and Assureds should consider payment or lodging objections within the 30-day time limit, and to contact the Club promptly if assistance is required.