Ukraine – Customs fines at Nikolaev (1)

17 June 2016

Members proceeding to Nikolaev should note that the Customs Authorities are imposing significant fines on foreign flagged vessels for failing to declare ship’s stores and goods on board accurately. The Correspondent, Dias Marine Consulting, reports that the Customs Authorities are strict and carrying out frequent checks. In order to avoid any potential fines, vessels calling at Nikolaev should ensure that almost everything on board is accurately entered in the Customs Declaration, including medicines (drugs), cash (both that of the ship and the crew members’ personal savings), barrels/tins of paint or oil, as well as any other stores and various commodities on board.

In addition, as reported in a previous News Alert (click here), the Nikolaev Customs Officers perform surveys of vessels’ bunker tanks during inward clearance and should any discrepancy be found between their figures and those declared by the Chief Engineer, a heavy fine will be payable. The Correspondent reports that the fine is often calculated based on double the cost of undeclared goods.

Members should therefore liaise closely with their local agent and ensure that they comply with Customs Authorities pre-arrival notices and requirements to have the best chance of avoiding a fine.