USCG Port Security Advisory - Further Update

25 June 2008

As detailed in previous News Alerts, the US Coast Guard (USCG) has a mandate under the Maritime Transportation Security Act to determine the effectiveness of anti-terrorism measures currently in place in ports outside the USA. This Mandate allows the USCG to impose such conditions of entry as it deems appropriate on ships seeking to enter US ports from any country or terminal that has been designated as unsafe by the USCG.
Attached is a copy of the Port Security Advisory (6-08) which confirms that five further terminals in Indonesia and one facility in Liberia have been added by the USCG to the growing  number of countries considered to have ineffective anti-terrorism measures in place. The Advisory sets out the USCG's requirements for actions to be taken by ships while in the affected ports and also during any subsequent call in the USA. Unlike previous Advisories, the IMO Port Facility Numbers are now provided with the corresponding port or facility name where available.
All current Port Security Advisories are published on the USCGs website, which can be accessed by clicking here.