USCG Port Security Advisory on Venezuela

4 February 2009

VENEZUELA is the latest country to come under scrutiny from the US Coast Guard (USCG) in its ongoing project to determine the effectiveness of anti-terrorism measures in foreign ports.

According to the USCG effective anti-terrorism measures are not being maintained in Venezuela and a number of restrictions have, therefore, been imposed.

In order to comply with the USCG requirements while in Venezuela ships must:

 Implement their security plan measures equivalent to Security Level 2
 Ensure that each access point to the ship is guarded and that the guards have a complete view of the exterior of the vessel (both landside and waterside). Guards may be provided by the ship's crew, however, additional crewmembers should be placed on the ship if necessary to ensure that limits on maximum hours of work are not exceeded. They can also be provided by outside security forces approved by the ship's master and Company Security Officer
 Attempt to execute a Declaration of Security
 Log all security actions in the ship's log
 Report any actions taken to the relevant USCG Captain of the Port prior to arrival in US waters

If a ship has called at a Venezuelan port within the five most recent port visits and wishes to then enter a US port the USCG will board or examine the ship to ensure that the above requirements have been met. Failure to properly implement the actions may result in delay or denial of entry into the United States. 

Further details are contained in the latest USCG Port Security Advisory, which is attached. 

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