Vehicle Shipments - Guidelines on Presentation & Loading of Vehicles

26 March 2024

Members and Assureds involved in the shipment of vehicles should note that the Vehicle Carrier Safety Forum (“VCSF”) has published its first industry good practice guidelines entitled “Common Guidance on the loading and presentation of vehicles” (“the Guidance”)  - available here. The purpose of the Guidance is to ensure that the risks associated with the shipment of unaccompanied vehicles, including electric and hybrid vehicles, are managed and to promote safety of terminal and vessel personnel and the protection of property, including the vessels on which the vehicles are carried. The Guidance includes a checklist of matters relevant at the time of booking, arrival of vehicles at the terminal, during loading and stowing and throughout the voyage.

The Guidance is intended to be used in conjunction with specific procedures from individual vehicle manufacturers, shippers, terminals, or carriers in respect of information such as vehicle separation on board the vessel or emergency response.

The VCSF is a consortium of vessel operators, insurers and other industry experts, whose role is to promote safety on vessels designed to carry vehicles. The Guidance is supported by industry bodies, including the International Group of P&I Clubs and the International Chamber of Shipping.

Members and Assureds involved in the shipment of vehicles should note the Guidance.