Yemen - Port Closure/Steps to be taken in Yemeni Waters

10 June 2015

Members may be aware that recent conflict in Yemen resulted in port operations being suspended in Aden and, further, that Yemen’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs then confirmed formally that navigation in Yemen's territorial waters was banned unless permission had first been obtained from the Yemeni government and Saudi-led coalition forces. Additionally, the U.N. Security Council imposed an arms embargo targeting the Iran-allied Houthi rebels. The Club have now received an update from the Aden Correspondent, GAC, as follows:

There has not been any major changes in the situation in Yemen however as we have been getting so many enquiries wish to state the below.
Aden port is still closed and below are the other ports in Yemen
1)      Hodeidah port.
2)      Saleef port.
3)      Mokha port.
4)      Ras Isa port (loading port for crude oil).
These ports are working normally although there is high security levels at these ports and all vessels need to be cleared by the Saudi coalition prior to entering any of the Yemeni ports.  It is still a war zone and there is nothing further we can advise other than to be very cautious while going to any port in Yemen.
The information entry to Yemeni water:
Please be informed that any vessel calling Yemeni ports should be getting on entry permission from Ministry of Transport by the ships agent or receivers, before the vessel’s arrival to Bab Al-Mandab.
There is an official authorization from the legitimate Yemeni Government to the naval forces of the Saudi Arabian coalition to stop all ships calling at the Yemeni ports for the compulsory inspection before entry.
Currently the naval forces of the Saudi Arabian coalition have arrested some vessels at Bab Al Mandab for compulsory inspection to get the entry permission to the Yemeni ports. Therefore the ships will be allowed for call and to enter to the Yemeni territorial waters only after being inspected by the naval forces of the Saudi Arabian coalition.
Any vessel coming to the Yemeni ports should be calling to the naval forces of the Saudi Arabian coalition by VHF on channel 16 for the arrival registration before 3 miles of arrival to the Bab Al Mandab to get approval to enter Yemeni territorial waters and thereafter they will advise the ship's master about the anchor position until getting the final approval to enter after inspection.
They do not conduct investigation with the crew; but all contact will be with the ship's master or Chief Officer about the cargo and documents and The Master should advise them that he is awaiting permission number and further instructions.
Once the vessel is allowed to enter Yemeni ports, she will be required to call once again to the port control by VHF on channel 14 or 16 for the arrival registration and thereafter he will be advised the anchor position until berthing prospects confirmed by the Harbor master.
Members are recommended to take note of the above should they be calling Yemen.