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Libya - Sanctions Information

News Alerts and Information on Sanctions Legislation for Libya

  • UN Legislation: There is a UN arms embargo (affecting arms, weapons, military vehicles and equipment etc) and measures targeting illicit exports (ie. not approved by the Libyan government) of crude oil/refined petroleum product, and authorising inspection of suspect ships on high seas UN press release of March 2014 Full details of the UN measures are available here.
  • EU Legislation: For clarity, the European Union has adopted EU Council Regulation 44/2016 consolidating the exiting restrictive measures concerning Libya into a new Regulation. This replaces EU Regulation 204/2011. Some entities are listed as SDN/sanctioned, so it is prudent to carry out checks on Libyan entities: the UK/EU list relating to Libya can be accessed here
  • US Guidance:  To access full details of OFAC's regulations with regard to Libya sanctions, including links to FAQs, other guidance and licencing information, please click here.  The searchable list of US SDNs can be accessed here.
  • News Alert: Port Situation - News Alert 18 July 2014
  • EU Legislation: EU Council Regulation 204/2011 (as amended) of 2 March 2011 concerning restrictive measures in view of the situation in Libya. These provide for an embargo on which might be used for internal repression, a ban on provision of certain services, prior information requirement on cargoes to and from Libya, the freezing of funds and economic resources of listed persons. entities and bodies,and prohibition to grant certain claims to the government of Libya. This has been superceded by EU Council Regulation 44/2016, see above.