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The War Risks Class Rules & Circulars

The War Risks Class Rules & Circulars

The London P&I Club is a member of the Combined Group of War Risks Clubs, covering and pooling war risks liabilities.

The insurance essentially provides cover for physical loss and damage to shipping caused by war risks, but also includes detention or diversion expenses, as well as cover for third party liabilities usually excluded by P&I.

Details of the cover are set out in the War Risks Rules with effect from 20 February 2012.

The London P&I Club strongly recommends that all Members implement and adopt the Best Management Practices to Deter Piracy in the Gulf of Aden & relevant parts of Indian Ocean, including the registering and liaison requirements specified.  These practices have been developed by industry and naval forces and should be particularly useful in the preparation of ships’ anti-piracy contingency plans. The August 2011 version of the Best Management Practices document is available on The London Club web site: Click here for details

The London P&I Club strongly recommends that Members comply with the provisions of the relevant sanctions regimes in order to minimise the risk of their cover being prejudiced or being unable to make a recovery.  Compliance will inevitably involve the exercise of due diligence by the Member in relation to any trading involving Iran or other sanctioned countries or with certain designated individuals or companies.  Click here for details.

Circulars issued to members of the War Risks Class can be accessed here.

Introduction to Mutual War Risks Cover - English can be downlodaded here

Introduction to Mutual War Risks Cover - Chinese can be downloaded here