Argentina – Parana River new channel groundings

5 May 2017

Members transiting the very recently established main channel “Paso Cortada Isla Nueva” of the Parana River should note that the local Correspondent, Pandi Liquidadores SRL, Buenos Aires, reports that there have been a number of recent grounding incidents in the area. Whilst the cause of the groundings is still being investigated, the Correspondent speculates that local inexperience and/or lack of knowledge concerning certain navigational issues for this newly established channel, opened on 18 April 2017, are likely to be factors. Although local river and pilot authorities last week agreed to increase the number of buoys in the channel to assist safer navigation, it is unclear how quickly this will be implemented.

Further information is available in two Circulars that have been issued by the Correspondent, both of which can be accessed by clicking here. They have also provided a copy of the electronic chart showing the old/new channel for information purposes only (click here), the electronic vector chart (click here) and a table of the waypoints are in the Circular.  

Members should take note of the above and ensure that they exercise due diligence and appropriate caution when using the new channel.