China - Lanshan Port Fish Farm locations updated

26 November 2019

Members calling at Lanshan Port in Shandong Province will already be aware from previous News Alerts (click here) and circulars (click here) of the need for Masters to navigate carefully to avoid fish farms. The Correspondent, Huatai Insurance Agency and Consultant Service Limited, have issued an updated circular showing the latest reported positions for farms in and around Lanshan Port, which is available here.
The correspondent reports that the boundaries for navigation have been restricted further and they strongly advise that:
“In route planning, kindly take into account the fishery farms described in our latest circulars, with special attention and caution to area A and D (new). In addition, before the ship’s arrival at Lanshan port, kindly check with the local agent about the route to enter the anchorage and the port, as well as the distribution of the fishery farms.”
In addition, they advise that the Master pay careful attention when entering these areas and ensure suitable lookout is in place as well as ensuring close cooperation with the VTS center and pilot station.
Members should seek latest information on fish farm activity from their port agents when visiting Chinese Ports. And in the event that Members make contact with or navigate through a fish farm, they should immediately contact the Club for assistance.