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To help keep members abreast of relevant industry news, we add Alerts to our website with information on topical developments from around the world. Please see the latest Alerts below.

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15 March 2011

Members will be aware of the devastating Tsunami that hit Japan in recent days.In response to this the P&I Correspondent, ISS P&I, has highlighted the Japan Coastguard’s website, which provides the latest navigational warnings (click here). Members may also wish to review the International Atomic Energy Authority’s daily briefings for up to date information as to the position regarding nuclear fallout.

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8 March 2011

In response to the current unrest in Libya, the United Nations has implemented United Nations Security Council Resolution (UNSCR 1970 (2011)). This introduced financial sanctions against persons listed in Annex II to the Resolution (all being members of the Qadhafi family), or against persons designated by the competent United Nations Sanctions Committee as involved in or complicit in ordering, controlling, or otherwise directing, the commission of serious human rights abuses in Libya.

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28 February 2011

Members may be aware that the Asian Gypsy Moth, which is to be found predominantly in eastern Russia, northern China and some parts of northern Japan, is a serious pest of coniferous and deciduous trees. Port areas in infested countries are sometimes subject to high population levels and the females often lay large egg masses on ships which can survive long sea passages, even in bad weather. The Asian Gypsy Moth is not found in North America and both the U.S.

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16 February 2011

Members are advised that new EU Sanctions against Côte d’Ivoire entered into force on 15 January 2011. The sanctions, which are against various named entities/persons in or from Côte d’Ivoire, are embodied in Council Regulation (EU) No. 25/2011 (which amends Regulation (EC) No. 560/2005) (for the full new Regulation click here).

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23 November 2010

Industry reports on the recent total loss of a bulk carrier off Taiwan have highlighted that the ship was laden with nickel ore from Indonesia. The sinking has resulted in a significant loss of life but the surviving seafarers are reported to have described how the ship lost stability and capsized before sinking.

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1 July 2010

The industry developed Best Management Practice (BMP) guidelines for reducing the risk of capture by Somalian pirates has recently been updated and the new guidelines (Edition 3) as attached.  These guidelines are clearer than the previous version in a number of respects, but the main difference includes acknowledgement of their applicability to the Indian Ocean.  They also offer some guidance to crew in circumstances where pirates have achieved strategic control of a ship.

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18 May 2010

The Correspondent in Durban, P&I Associates (Pty) Ltd, has advised The London P&I Club of continuing strike action at all commercial ports in South Africa. The strike involves a dispute between Transnet, the operator of all South African ports (the government being the majority shareholder), and Unions over wage increases. The largest impact is at the Port of Durban which is currently at a virtual standstill.

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30 April 2010

Following the recent explosion on the "Deepwater Horizon" oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico, the US Coast Guard advised that at present they have no plans to restrict traffic using the main channel for commercial shipping to the Mississippi River, the Southwest Pass.

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13 January 2010

As highlighted in the previous London P&I Club News Alert, from 1 January 2010 the European Union Ultra-Low Sulphur Fuel Directive requires many ships to burn only ultra-low sulphur fuels while berthed in an EU port. However, the available ultra-low sulphur fuels are distillates and many ships have boilers which have not yet been converted to burn distillate fuels. Further, the use of distillate fuels in an unconverted boiler presents a serious safety risk.

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31 December 2009

From 1st January 2010, Council Directive 2005/33/EC requires European Union (EU) member countries to ensure that ships within an EU port consume only fuel oil with a sulphur content by mass of 0.1% or less (ultra-low sulphur fuel). The requirements apply to ships berthed or at anchor and only very few exceptions, such as for ships scheduled to be within port for less than two hours, are permitted.

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